Monthly Update

social action logo Our next meeting

Mon, Dec 10, 7:00-8:15pm*
We welcome those Or Chadash members who cannot make an afternoon meeting. We hope you will join us to discuss how you can get engaged in the process of helping others.
*Note the different meeting time.

Ongoing Activities

Wright Elementary School has about 500 students with 88% low income and a significant refugee population.
* Tutors are needed in the classroom to help with math and reading. This is best if done for a morning or afternoon once or more a week. We have 4 volunteers, but can accept more.
* If you can only do a one-time visit, you can help the principal with her special tutoring at noon.
* Contact Marc Sbar (below) to help out.

Primavera Men’s Shelter
* You can join us on the second Saturday of the month to make and deliver lunches to the men who go to work.
* Contact Andi Elkins ( []) to join the team.

If you are not a “meeting person,” you can still join any of our activities. For
more information and to share your ideas, contact Marc Sbar, Chair
( []