Shir HaN’shamah – Song of the Soul

Below, you can view the current draft of our Shabbat prayer book, Shir HaN’shamah – Song of the Soul. This prayer book will be used for our Virtual Shabbat Services on Facebook (click here to watch the services).

We recognize it can be a challenge to flip through the pages digitally fast enough to keep up with the service. While services are being held virtually, we are including extra time to allow for page turning, and we are announcing page numbers more frequently than usual. Hopefully, this will help everyone to follow along more easily.

Please note that the PDF page numbers (at the top) do not match the numbers at the bottom of each page. We are using the numbers printed at the bottom of the page.

Some suggestions on how to juggle viewing both the prayer book and the stream at the same time:

  • Open the prayer book on a second device (ex: tablet or iPad)
  • Open the prayer book in a second browser tab or a second window, and switch between them as desired
  • Arrange the two windows on your screen (one with the video and one with the prayer book) so you can see them at the same time
  • Cast the video from your laptop or handheld device to your smart TV or casting device (ex: Google ChromeCast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku), freeing you to use your laptop or handheld device for viewing the prayer book
  • Start the video and let it play in the background, and just look at the prayer book
  • Just watch the video, and don’t worry about the prayer book