Our Property

Congregation Or Chadash is committed to the practice of Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World). One small contribution is our Solar Panels; here are some fun facts:

  • Our system produces roughly 96% of our CURRENT site usage
  • That equates to 107,190 kWh
  • In the past year we paid $0.1441/kWh to TEP for that energy, or approximately $15,446
  • That number only increases as TEP’s rates increase
  • With the solar system we are paying $0.1225/kWh to TCC (leasing company) for the same amount of energy, or a total of $13,452
  • That solar rate is FIXED for the life of the system
  • We pay 1.86 cents (or 12.9%) LESS for solar power than TEP power,
  • So, we are currently saving about $2,000 off our TEP bill because our system is producing power at a lower cost than what we were paying TEP.
  • That savings will grow as TEP’s rates increase and there is an anticipated increase due before the end of the year
  • The system is trued up at the end of each year of production and we anticipate a rebate of approximately $2000.