Maya Bakerman, Teacher

Maya Bakerman  was born in Phoenix, Arizona and has lived in Tucson for the past 5 years. She is currently obtaining my Master’s degree in Public Health. Being Jewish has always been a part of her personal identity; she attended Jewish Day School forming life-long friendships and a strong foundation of Jewish identity. The teachers there sparked her life-long passion for being Jewish and has inspired her to do the same for her students. When Maya was 16 years old, she studied in Israel for over 3 months which allowed her to learn and connect to the land of Israel. Since then, she has studied and taught Hebrew. In her free time, Maya enjoys cooking, outdoor activities such as rock climbing and art. She enjoys experimenting with various cooking concepts and feeding friends and family. Her favorite creation has been homemade buffalo chicken and veggies. In addition, she enjoys being outdoors- going on hikes and daily runs.