Madrichim Training

Post B’nei Mitzvah students in 8th grade are encouraged to participate in training to become a classroom aide, in addition to their twice-monthly class sessions. At the end of this year-long training program, high school students can apply for a Teacher’s Aide position in our Religious School. The Madrichim program meets on Sundays when the eighth grade class is not in session.

The training is based on The Madrichim Manual: Six Steps to becoming a Jewish Role Model, by Lisa Bob Howard, and includes instruction time, observations, and hands-on experiences in the classroom.

Introduction to the Madrichim program – Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Who can become a Madrich/Madrichah?
  • Why do we need Madrichim?
  • When do we meet?
  • For how long?

Unit One – What are Madrichim?

  • Define at least two roles of Madrichim.
  • Identify some of your own strengths.
  • How your skills can interest and enrich students’ experiences.
  • Explain how the importance of education is rooted in Biblical tradition.

Unit Two – Leadership Skills

  • List three qualities of a leader.
  • The importance of supporting the teacher and the students.
  • List ways to motivate students and gain respect.
  • Identify when to ask a teacher for help.
  • How did Moses serve as a model for leadership?

Unit Three – Delivering on Daily Responsibilities

  • How to communicate with the teacher about expectations for the class.
  • Three things you can do if you don’t have immediate assignments.
  • Ways to read aloud or lead a game effectively.
  • Create and teach a mini lesson.

Unit Four – Working with Small Groups and Individuals

  • Three ways to encourage students to cooperate and participate when working in small groups.
  • Give clear instructions to a group of students.
  • Three strategies for effective tutoring.

Unit Five – How Students Learn

  • Different style learners.
  • Some characteristics of age groups.
  • Different kinds of intelligence.
  • Create a mini lesson involving different intelligence and learning styles.

Unit Six – Working with Students with Disabilities

  • What is ADHD?
  • List three techniques for helping students with ADHD
  • Explain how can stumbling blocks be removed from mainstream classrooms.


  • Ways to participate in the students’ education
  • Lead by example
  • Develop Jewish Identities
  • Communicate effectively and proactive steps to improve classroom environment
  • Encourage students to personal best