Laurie Grana, Teacher

Laurie was born in the Bronx New York. Her parents were first born Americans. Her young years were spent on Long Island, she loved the beaches and forests. In 1966 Laurie attended Hofstra University and graduated in 1971 with two degrees, one in psychology and the other in special education. In 1972 she moved to Tucson with her English friend and a very pregnant German Shepherd.

Laurie worked at a state facility caring for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Her daughter Rachel was born in 1977. She currently lives in Washington DC with her husband and Laurie’s grandson Henry (the light of her life). Her daughter Susie was born five years later. She was a single mother when they were only six and two. They are successful and with strong Judaic values. These values were strengthened when they attended Tucson Hebrew Academy. Laurie was so fortunate when she became a teacher at THA in 1984 over the years taught grades 2,4,6,8, and many different subjects. THA welcomed us with open arms. Rachel and Susie were afforded so many experiences that Laurie could have never afforded. The 18 years were some of the best years.

Laurie retired in 2001 and worked in TUSD. She was an eighth-grade American history teacher and special needs teacher. She is now retired and enjoy the opportunity to be with her family and spoil her grandchildren as well as continue to teach part time and stay connected to children and the Jewish Community.