Eve Liebeskind, Teacher

Eve Liebeskind is currently a nursing student at the U of A. She has been working at Or Chadash since 2011; starting as a Madricha (Teacher’s Aide) in the 7th grade and for the last three years, tutoring in Hebrew School, teaching comparative Religion to 8th graders. She also teaches the Madrichim course for students who are considering continuing as teachers’ aides here at Or Chadash.  

Eve looks forward to continuing to teach the 8th grade class about Judaism and other world religions.  Additionally, this year we are combining our class with the Eight grade students from Temple Emanu-El which will hopefully broaden our circle of friends and bring a new perspective to the class.

Eve is very excited to give our students the opportunity to gain new experiences while participating in social action opportunities and visiting other religious sites.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, yoga, and spending time with family.