Classic Potato Latkes

Classic Potato Latkes

Makes 3 dozen

4 potatoes, peeled                               Grate the potatoes, using a processor or a fine shredder.

1 large onion, grated                           Immediately transfer them to a large bowl and add the onion,

1 tablespoon lemon juice                    lemon juice, eggs, flour, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix

4 eggs                                                  well.

3 tablespoons flour                              In a large heavy skillet, heat 1/8 inch of oil and flatten

1 teaspoon salt                                     the latkes with the back of the spoon. Cook for 3 to 5 min-

Freshly ground pepper                        utes a side, turning only once, until golden brown. Drain on

Vegetable oil                                       paper towels and then serve immediately, with applesauce,

                                    Sour cream, sugar, or preserves.