The Lilith Salon is sponsored by the Sisterhood of Congregation Or Chadash. The discussion group meets four times a year, in September, December, March and June, on the 1st Monday of the month unless there is a synagogue or holiday conflict with that date. The discussions are based on the articles in the current Lilith magazine. The lively conversations cover a wide range of topics with a focus on the Jewish-feminist point of view and the participants own experiences. The group takes turns meeting in members’ homes from 5:30 to 7:00 PM and share a light potluck supper, an intimate setting, interesting discussion and camaraderie.
Many of our participants subscribe to the magazine but the current issue used for the month’s discussion is always available free on the Lilith website
Our next meeting is December 19 at 5:30 PM at the home of Carol Sumner.
We will be discussing three articles from the Fall 2018 issue:
(1) Love at Second Sight
(2) Latinx Jewish on the Ballot
(3) I say “I’m Jewish”.
RSVP is required by contacting our host,
Carol Sumner  973-632-9123 or 529-1813.
Any questions call Carol Sumner or Shelly Abell 409-2346.