Caring Chavurah

Our Caring Community responds Life Cycle Events of our congregants (in reach) as identified through the Or Chadash Clergy and Staff. This includes births, illnesses and deaths.

Members of the Caring Committee deliver meals and provide support for those experiencing life cycle Chavurah. They visit hospitals and nursing homes, help with food and logistical support for the meal of condolence and Shiva. They share in the mitzvah of birth by helping new parents if requested. They call people each month to support them and keep the staff informed of the progress of the congregant or their loved one. When needed, and if a member of the Caring Committee is available, they will help provide transportation to appointments.

In instances where long term care, (including emotional support) or meals over a long period of time is required, they will connect the person with Interfaith Council Services (ICS) to evaluate and provide things beyond our membership capabilities, scope or expertise.