CHAD ASH Brotherhood

Committed to
 The 5 S’s: Service, Study and Education, Social, tSedekah, and Supper
We wish you all a healthy and happy 2021 and a continuing or better 5781!
The CHAD ASH Brotherhood currently meets by Zoom usually on the third Sundays of every month at 9:30 AM for business, education, and discussion pursuing out goals of the five Ss – Study and Learning, Service, tSudekah, Social, and Supper.
For supper we now celebrate Men’s Night IN on the fourth Thursdays at 6:15 p.m. to nosh and quash favorite beverages. These dates and times may vary with other calendar activities.
Our functions are now held jointly with the Temple Emanu-El’s Men’s Club which usually meets second Sunday mornings at 9:30, and their analog of MNI – Wet Wednesdays on third Wednesdays at 5:30.
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CHAD ASH” Brotherhood is a fraternal and service organization dedicated to the good of each other and the Congregation. The mission is “To provide an organization where men can gather in friendship, fellowship, and service to the Congregation and the community.” Our nickname came from the error on the scoreboard display of visiting groups’ names during our first annual bus trip to a Diamondbacks game in Phoenix.

Our goals are based on the 5 S’s: Service, Study and Education, Social, tSedekah, and Supper.

Meetings are held monthly on the third Sunday morning of each month for planning, discussion, speakers, Pirke Avot, and bagels. Rabbi’s Nosh & Knowledge talks are the basis for many meetings. Dues are Chai, $18.

Service to the Congregation starts each year assisting with the Religious School Tashlich Picnic. We then literally usher in the new year by ushering the Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur services.Throughout the year, we provide cooking for dinners, celebrations, and The Grill at the Purim Carnival. We set-up and take down the Sukkah, assist with Jewish Food Festival, and provide other operational support. We provide B’nei Mitzvah celebrants with a book.

Study and Education include discussions with Rabbi and other speakers, Pirke Avot readings, and tours of the Jewish History Museum. Each year we conduct an Annual CHAD ASH Brotherhood Shabbat Service.

Social activities include our annual bus trip to a Diamondbacks  baseball game and other trips, as well as the monthly Men’s Night Out (Supper). We have visited restaurants featuring food common to all seven continents (yes, we have a brother who serves as a Physician in Antarctica and other out of the ordinary places). Dinners have been great— fish, fowl, and meat (also salad and veggies)—diners have been great, too!

Men's Night Out at Kalina Russian Restaurant - February 2015
Men’s Night Out at Kalina Russian Restaurant – February 2015

tSedakah monthly collections support Congregational and community activities, and disaster relief. Our primary donation has been supplying defibrillators to the Congregation. The proceeds from event cooking also go to congregational activities.

Joining the CHAD ASH Brotherhood is easy. Contact the Congregation office, or come to any of our activities and join in. Our activities are in all congregational print and Email communications.

Friendships are made here! 

The Men’s Club offers the opportunity to expand one’s circle of friends, to get involved in Jewish affairs, and to contribute to our Congregation. 


  • Men’s Night Out
  • High Holy Day Ushering
  • Congregational Trip to Diamondback’s Baseball Game
  • Monthly discussions
  • And a whole lot more

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