About Us


wall of remembrance 004Congregation Or Chadash is a warm and welcoming community where all can experience God. Our mission reflects a commitment to our values.

In the United States today, Jews live as free and equal citizens, a status we have seldom known elsewhere through the ages. And yet, there are still challenges we face. Here in the Tucson desert, Or Chadash represents the living waters from which the weary may draw sustenance, the weak strength, the despairing hope, and the lonely companionship. In the past quarter century, we have created an inclusive community where members can learn, be inspired and grow. We are a place from which living Judaism flows, where newcomers feel welcome, where education reveals the age-old values that ennoble the spirit and promote well-being in all relationships. Our commitment to these values through our Social Justice & Action and our Caring Charvurah committees promotes the general welfare we all strive for in our community and our country.