Temple Emanu-El/Or  Chadash Reopening Plan Feb 2021

Please note that as conditions change, this plan may change.
Exceptions may be made, subject to pre-approval by the Reopening Task Force
Metric to move to Next Phase Phase 0 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
Measures required to move forward based on results in Pima County and consultation with medical advisors as needed: Same Same Only ways to reach this stage is widespread availability of vaccine or anti-viral medication, or herd immunity in addition to data from Pima County, the CDC and consultation with medical advisors as needed.
Downward trend of new hospital admissions over 14 days. Same Same Reached after successfully sustaining Phase 1 criteria for at least 4 weeks and data from Pima County and consultation with medical advisors as needed. Reached after successfully sustaining Phase 2 criteria for at least 4 weeks and data from Pima County and consultation with medical advisors as needed.
Approval of our Joint Reopening Task Force Same Same Same Same
Room size & ventilation are safe for expected number of occupants. Same Same Same Same
Measurements taken on at the beginning of each week to determine if we can move forward to next phase. Measurements will be posted on website and sent out in Thursday weekly email/eblast. Same Same Same Same
Metric to move back to Prior Phase
Upward trends of new hospital admissions and percent positive tests for 7 days.  If a COVID case occurs, we will use same protocols as Strauss ECE, from Pima County Health Department and the CDC. Same Same Same Same
Waivers will be required for all non-staff entering the building (excluding USPS, UPS, etc.).  Once an individual has signed a waiver, it will be kept on file for the future. Same Same Same
Protocols for daily recommended maintenance and cleaning as determined by the CDC and Pima County Health Dept must be followed. Same Same Same Same Same
Worship will remain EXCLUSIVELY virtual (V-only) through Zoom and Facebook Live Same Same Same Worship services V-F2F; Max50; Mask; SD6 (seating in every other row of pews). Religious Services and life cycle events continue following best practice guidelines determined for safe capacity and number of attendees. Use of facemasks will be evaluated.
Sanctuary capacity: Clergy will continue to lead services from their homes Clergy may lead worship from Emanu-El or Or Chadash sacred spaces with no members or visitors in the building. Clergy may continue to lead worship from the synagogue building with no members or visitors. Service volunteers and tech personnel will be allowed as long as they follow protocol (mask, no fever, etc.) Those over 65 or with underlying health issues will be encouraged to continue participating via online methods unless they have been vaccinated. Prayerbooks can be used
Once clergy have been vaccinated, services may be conducted in the worship spaces of our synagogues.
Same Same
Pastoral appointments will be  V-only. Pastoral appointments will continue exclusively V-only No shared ritual objects or prayerbooks. Bring your own prayerbooks or one will be assigned to you. Congregants must provide their own kippot and tallitot
Worship/Life Cycle Outdoor Activities     Limited outdoor F2F for life-cycle with FamPod;  MAX10; Mask; TC&S; Everyone must sign a waiver before participating in any event on the property.  Funeral services graveside MAX10 (per Evergreen/All Faiths); Mask; SD6 * Same Same Same
Worship/Life Cycle Indoor Activities          Indoor F2F life cycle events (B’nai Mitzvah, weddings, etc.) FamPod; Max10; Mask; SD6; TC&S * Same Same Worshippers will be asked to use hand sanitizers. Worshippers will be asked to sign-in upon entering. No onegs or Kiddush Onegs and Kiddush may be allowed, with servers in place. Lifecycle events can also be held based on safe capacity and number of attendees.
   *Exceptions may be made subject to preapproval of Reopening Task Force
Offices are staffed but not open to the public.  No members or visitors in the building. Mask; TC&S; SD6 Offices staffed, but not open to the public.  No members or visitors in building. Mask; TC&S; SD6. Staffing schedule will be designed to minimize the number of people in the building and the possibility of cross- contamination. Office open with staff working on a rotating basis in the main office. Mask; TC&S; SD6; Staff with individual offices will be allowed to work in their office as needed, or at home if risk factors apply. Staff will be required to return to work at least 2 days each week unless underlying health problems.  SD6 All staff required to work on site. Exceptions should be discussed with the Executive Director or Administrator.
Main office room capacity: Office staff can return to the campus on a case by case basis, in consultation with the Executive Director/Admin, Mask; TC&S; all surfaces are sanitized daily, and all guidelines for COVID followed. Staff encouraged to work from home. In person meetings may take place Indoor; Mask; TC&S; SD6, meeting area is sanitized at the conclusion of each meeting. Staff who are not able to gather in person (including those with childcare responsibilities and those considered high risk) should continue working remotely.
Limited non-staff permitted in the building using same safety procedures as staff, i.e. WRJ, facility TF, etc. Staff meetings will continue to be virtual
While in building in public spaces, SD6; Mask. In private offices staff may remove face coverings.
Congregants will be able to schedule individual appointments in Gift Shop on a case by case basis with advanced arrangements.
Staff meetings V-only
Rentals not offered at this time. Rentals not offered at this time. Reevaluate rentals based on vaccination protocols
Joint Religious School
All Joint Religious School (JRS) classes V-only Same Same Same Anticipate V-F2F; Indoor or hybrid; SD6; Mask; Max10 (per class); no mixing groups and specific playground regulations. MAX outside determined by location. Joint religious school may resume without restrictions following best practice guidelines’
Religious School rooms capacity: B’nai Mitzvah tutoring and meetings and family programming will be exclusively virtual Additional consideration including potentially modified hours, provided that staff and attendees are limited to one designated entrance and exit into JRS.
Limited F2F,, outdoor gatherings considered based on GUIDANCE FROM the Re-opening TF, and protocol from the Pima County Health Dept. All students, madrichim, and teachers who enter the building Mask, TC&S; No parents will be permitted to enter the building
Meetings & Events
All meetings V-only Same Same V and/or F2F, Mask, Max10; SD6, as desired V and/or F2F, Mask, Max50; SD6, unless that meeting can be held just as effectively by virtual means. Committee Meetings held on site.
Board room capacity: No food or drink will be served at meetings Food and drink can be served using best safe practice
Sy Juster room capacity: Medium-sized groups can meet (up to 50 people) either onsite, virtually, or as a hybrid (as long as the specific room capacity is within protocol)
Jewish Lifelong Learning
Jewish Lifelong Learning (JLL) and Adult Education classes V-only Same Same Jewish Lifelong Learning (JLL) and Adult Education classes V-only; may consider Max10 Indoor with Mask; SD6; TC&S Indoor; V and/or F2F; Max50; Mask; SC6;
All classes may be held onsite or as a hybrid
Staff members and guards are empowered to ask people to leave if they don’t follow the protocol.  Staff person should be Exec. Director, Facility Manager, or similar position. Same Same Same Same Same
F2F Face to face or in person event
Max## Max # of people including officiants/staff permitted
Mask mask required for all attendees
SD6 social distancing with a 6-ft. separation between individuals not in the same family bubble
TC&S Temperature checks and COVID-19 symptom queries by staff for all who enter.  Those with fever greater than 100.4 F or symptomatic will be denied entry.
V-only virtual events, i.e. Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.
V+F2F Hybrid event.  Face to face (in person) and virtual. Subject to specified restrictions and limits
FamPod Family pod or bubble.  Group of persons living together in a residence who are not exposed to other persons except for occasional essential times.
OutOnly event or assembly limited to an outdoor venue, with access to essential indoor bathrooms restricted to one-at-a-time entry and exit
Indoor event or assembly permissible in specified rooms of the synagogue, subject to other restrictions and limits.