Hello Congregants,

As you may know, Or Chadash has partnered with the Jewish Community Center this summer to provide emergency day care for the JCC Taglit program. There was a recent article in the Jewish Post describing the Taglit program and our partnership with JCC. Click here to read the article.

Many of our congregants are members of both Or Chadash and JCC. In the interest of keeping everyone “in the know” about how things are going with Taglit, especially related to concerns about COVID-19, please click here to read a communication that was sent out by Todd Rockoff, President and CEO of the JCC this morning to their membership regarding a Taglit participant with Pneumonia (tested negative for COVID-19). The article includes a description of the extra precautions taken to keep everyone as safe as possible.

If you have questions, contact Todd Rockoff at the JCC at Trockoff@tucsonjcc.org or Jim Liebeskind at Or Chadash at facilities@octucson.org

Elaine Jones, PhD
President, BOD, Or Chadash