Mondays resuming December 28, 2020
12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.
Classes held via Zoom

Stories can enchant, entertain, and comfort.  Stories can provide access to deeper meaning and stimulate one’s imagination, helping develop one’s intellect and clarify emotional issues. Stories have a way of communicating ideas and values what logic and reason cannot duplicate. Judaism has a rich tradition of storytelling. These stories can root the listener to their Jewish faith and, at the same time, raise them up to meet the presence of God. According to one author, the Jewish story “is to bring heaven nearer to human beings and again to lift human beings up to heaven.”

Rabbi Louchheim will be sharing his 30-year manuscript of stories with the class. These stories come from Torah, the Bible, rabbis throughout the ages, and some, are just ones the rabbi likes to tell. The subject matter of the stories range from Aging to our struggle with the Yetzer Ra and the Yetzer Tov. We will listen and learn from stories about Work, about Suffering, Life, Love, and Money. Perhaps you might bring your own story to share and add to the rabbi’s ever-growing manuscript of tales told by the rabbi.

Class is held every Monday with the exception for holidays and intermittent breaks for the rabbi. We are finished when we finish the manuscript together.

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Free for Members of Or Chadash or Temple Emanu-El | $35 Friends

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