Using a PC

When you click on the link to your zoom meeting, this is the window that should pop up.

Click Open Zoom.

After Zoom opens, another pop-up will appear. It deals with the audio. Make sure to click Join with Computer Audio

You should be able to see yourself on the screen. If your camera is not working, at the bottom left is a video camera icon. If there is a red slash through the camera, the camera is not on. Click on the camera icon to turn on your camera.

If the bottom bar is not there or disappears, move your mouse over the bottom part of the screen and it should come back up. When you move your mouse away the bar will disappear.

When your meeting is in session, this is what the bottom bar on your screen should look like. You will be able to see all people in the class, with their name underneath. When someone is talking, they will be in the big picture and everyone else will remain in smaller pictures around the larger one. When the speaker changes, the larger picture will automatically change to the person talking.

When class is over, click Leave Meeting at the bottom right in red. A pop-up will appear. Click Leave Meeting and then the x on top to close out zoom.