Members of both congregations attended the Finance Task Force open meeting on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 6:30 pm in the Temple Emanu-El Schlanger Chapel. Approximately 90 people were present to ask financial questions relating to the talks between Temple Emanu-El and Congregation Or Chadash. Elaine Jones and Scott Arden, Presidents of Or Chadash and Temple Emanu-El, respectively, moderated the meeting. Mark Ross and Jeffrey Rein, Treasurers of each congregation, responded to questions and comments for about two hours.

There were many questions regarding the Financial Task Force report, as well as specific line items in the sample combined budget for the current and future fiscal years. Concerns were raised about cash flow issues, proposed savings, and future expenses. Several members, representative of both congregations, expressed their appreciation of the efforts to bring these talks to fruition and of their interest in seeking a combined congregation.

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