M’kor Chayeinu, Source of our lives, we stand together before You.

We stand in fear of a world that appears at times to be harsh and unkind. We tremble at uncertainty as to what the future may bring. And yet,

We are thankful for health, for family, and for friends.

As the sun sets on the year just ended moments ago, help us release old grudges, complaints, and troubles.

Let the New Year bring answers to our questions:

What are my relationships?

Do my children want what they are seeing in me? And,

What am I doing?

And let the New Year find us more forgiving and serving those who could use our assistance.

O gracious God, for Cantor, Julia and myself, call us beyond what is comfortable, into encounter.

When we meet a stranger on the road, may we find You in the embrace we provide for the other.

M’kor Chayeinu, Loving and Caring Presence, Source of our lives, bless the work of the hands of all who serve this religious community of Or Chadash. Help us to see that there is light where others only find darkness. May our prayers during these Holy Days and our deeds in this New Year, find us deserving to be written into the Book of Life. Let us all say, “Amen.”