The board opened the meeting by sharing memories of Donald Diamond, treasured community member and philanthropist, who passed away that day. The Executive Administrator reported that the current total raised by the voluntary assessment is $20,440, which is 41% our goal, from 78 families. There was discussion of the form and content of a follow-up letter to be sent to those families that have not yet responded to the appeal, emphasizing that this is an assessment to cover a deficit, not an additional fundraiser.

The governance committee chair, Harriet Kronman, reported on the congregational attorney’s review of the bylaws changes. It was decided that the bylaws amendments will be postponed until the fall to allow the board to fully resolve all issues before presenting them to the congregation.

The main topic of the meeting was the proposed 2019-2020 budget. The treasurer reported that all expenses have been reviewed and further reductions would require eliminating personnel. Our financial difficulties stem from the income side of our ledger, not the expense side. To that end, the budget includes a 15% increase in dues billing. The finance committee analyzed the likely actual increase in receivables based on current dues levels to be 9%. The board accepted the budget as presented with permission for minor modifications.