The January meeting was convened for three hours instead of the usual two in order to allow the board to consider several important matters. Firstly, the board voted to appoint Mark Ross as Treasurer for the remainder of the year. Aaron Fisher had to resign for personal reasons, and the board thanks him for his service. Marty Zuckerman has returned to his former position as chair of the Budget & Finance Committee.

Our spending remains largely on budget. Our income is higher than expected in several areas – our High Holy Day Appeal was very successful, and the enrollment in religious school is higher than expected – but we’re facing a shortfall of about $40,000 because of lower-than-expected dues income and donations.

The board reviewed ten initiatives proposed by the Finance Committee to improve our financial situation, which will be implemented over the coming months. One immediate action item was sending out a voluntary assessment to the membership to help bridge the projected shortfall. Various options were considered, and the board approved an assessment in the amount of $250 per member unit.

Finally, the board began a discussion of the changes to the bylaws proposed by the governance committee. Suggested revisions of Articles I through VII were discussed.

In order to give the bylaws the consideration required, a special meeting of the board was called for February 4 to complete the discussion.