Moses was on top of Mount Sinai for quite some time. The people grew impatient when he was “delayed in coming down from the mountain” (32:1), and they asked Aaron to make an idol for them. But why does Aaron tell the men, “Take off the gold rings that are on the ears of your wives” (32:2)? Rashi explains that Aaron did this because the women will resist, not willing to give up their jewelry, and create a delay. This would give Moses time to arrive in time. Aaron is right about their refusal, but wrong about their motives. Not vanity but piety is behind their resistance. Later, these same women refuse to listen to the Ten Spies who predict Israel’s defeat if they try to enter Canaan. Nor do the women beg Moses to take them back to Egypt. Because of their faith in God and this mission, every woman (with the exception of Miriam) crossed into the Promised Land forty years later. Even Moses’ mother, Yocheved, at age 250 crossed the Jordan. Their reward was that they were commanded not to work on the day of the new moon. This is why Rosh Chodesh is predominantly a women’s celebration each month.