“And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among [within] them” (Exodus 25:8).

I found this teaching among my resources: Every soul is a chamber for God, a vessel that contains the divine light. This is the message the Hasidic masters repeatedly associate with the Tabernacle, built by the Israelites in the desert. The details of its construction are complex and vast, much like Ikea furniture arriving on your doorstep with the instruction: “Some assembly required.”

In the same way, your soul — your “inner chamber” – is a dwelling place for God. And yet, understanding where it is and how it fits together with your day-to-day thinking is the biggest challenge. As with the Tabernacle, in your soul, you light a lamp for God, set a table, raise up an altar. God’s light seeks out the soul to dwell within. It is only our behavior that creates a separation, that causes us to wonder whether there is a God at all.

I am asleep but my heart is awake (Song of Songs 5:2). I am asleep in exile because of the Golden Calf, but my heart wakes that I be redeemed because my Beloved (God) knocks to awaken me.