At the December meeting the board approved a proposal to upgrade and convert the currently unused modular building. It will be divided into a youth lounge and additional storage space. This project will take nothing from the operating budget – it is fully supported by grants from the Family Foundation and the Jewish Community Foundation, as well as donations from congregants.

The remodeled building will provide a dedicated space for youth and teen programing, and the additional storage space will replace the two storage pods currently on campus, saving approximately $1000 a year.

There was discussion of our future fundraising efforts in light of the lack of support for the Razzmatazz event. The board thanks the committee of that event for their considerable work on the project, and for making the responsible decision to cancel the event when it was not meeting its goals.

Currently many of our expenses are running under budget, but with the fundraiser canceled and a projected shortfall in dues collection, we will need to raise more money this fiscal year. The finance committee was directed to prepare a list of possibilities for the board’s review.