The religious school enrollment is currently 60 students, two more than were projected in the budget. At least 5 more families are making enquiries! One of the new families has children with severe allergies to nuts, so the campus is now nut prohibited.

The school and community room have been thoroughly cleaned to allow these children to safely join our community. The treasurer reported we are currently on track with our beginning-of-year receivables, and the accounting manager has successfully collected $8000 in past-due receivables from last year. The board accepted a proposal from him and the facilities manager to have the school treated for termites and some damage repaired.

The board had a presentation and discussion about a voluntary commitment model of membership. A number of URJ congregations have successfully switched, with an average increase of 4% in membership and 4.4% in income. A team was appointed (led by VP & Membership Committee Chair Elaine Jones) to do more research and bring a detailed report to the board.

In executive session, the board approved a contract to retain Rina Liebeskind as Executive Administrator and Director of Youth Engagement through June 30, 2020.