Adam and Eve are cast out of tranquility. Civilization is set in motion. Very soon thereafter, things go awry. Humanity becomes corrupt and lawless. The Holy One decides to begin anew by wiping out life on earth with a great flood. Noah and his sons build an ark, and his wife, Na’amah, and her daughters-in-law make it habitable. They fill it with pairs of animals from every kingdom of life.

With the flood, the world begins anew. The world returns to water as in the beginning, undifferentiated, formless and void. On top of this amniotic world floats an ark, an embryo suspended in the waters of birth and rebirth.

Life is like this sometimes. At times, life seems filled with obstacles and adversity. Our world seems on the verge of destruction (in business, in our personal life, and hurricane Michael this week); yet, we too can create an ark filled with new potential, seek new opportunities. The sun will rise, and we will arise from our darkness to plant new and improved seeds for the next generation to be better than the last.