God creates the universe from nothingness over six days, concluding with the creation of Shabbat on the seventh day (yes, God works on Shabbat, but only for a millisecond). Day One: Light; Day Two: Separation of the waters above and below the earth; Day Three: Seas, Dry Land, Vegetation; Day Four: Sun, Moon, Stars; Day Five: Sea Creatures and Flying Creatures; Day Six: Land Creatures and Humans; Day Seven: Shabbat and rest.

For the first five days of Creation, God concludes with “it was good.” God’s assessment following the creation of the sixth day is different: God then surveyed all that God had made and look – it was “exceedingly good” (Fox translation, Schocken Bible, 17). Why is this expression distinguished from the others? One possible interpretation is that the creation of human beings that occurred on the sixth day is unique when compared with the rest of creation.

God’s role in the story of creation is not only to create, but also to appreciate each aspect of creation and approve of it. Why is it important to recognize good work, even your own? How do you do this?