You neglected the Rock that begot you, you forgot the God who brought you forth (Deuteronomy 32:18).

Jacob ben Wolf Kranz taught, You neglected the Rock that begot you – remember that God is the Creator of you and all things. You forgot – God gave you the ability to “forget” so that you would be able to put out of your mind all the sufferings that may come your way. But you have mis-used your God-given ability to forget, because you keep forgetting the One who created you and gave you this particular skill.

It is like the conduct of a person who was continually in debt. A friend advised him to feign insanity whenever he would meet one of his creditors. Unfortunately, this person also used this same tactic when he owed money to his friend. His friend said to him, “It was I who first gave the advice to feign insanity when you meet of creditor of yours. Is it fair that you should now put my own counsel to use against me?”