At the July Board meeting the Cantor and staff proposed that we host the URJ

Annual Area Day on 10/28/18. The board agreed and looks forward to having our

colleagues as guests on our campus.

The board looked forward to offering congratulations to Dana Adler on her

installation as the president of the WRJ Pacific Region and Jeff Jacobson on his

elevation to Supreme Master of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

Since June five members have left the congregation – 3 have not responded to

multiple attempts at contact, one has passed away, and one moved to attend the

same synagogue as their grandchildren. One family joined.

Summer maintenance projects continued, with work being done on the new wifi

system, the irrigation lines, and the office server.

The board received preliminary end-of-fiscal year reports from the treasurer. We

also received reports on the upcoming Taste of Or Chadash and our first

Committee Cabinet meeting, the late of which is being formed in response to the

recommendation of the OC25 working groups. There were also updates from the

Governance Committee and the effort to review and compile past capital

campaign records. Next month we will be hearing a report on a new potential

dues model.