This week’s Torah portion, Matot-Masei (Numbers 30:2-36:13), closes the Book of Numbers. We find the Jews at the end of their journey on the border of the Promise Land. As I was reviewing the commentaries, I could not help but see the parallel between the Israelites’ journey and the journeys of present-day migrants making their way to our border. Many are leaving past “enslavements” behind to find their promised land. We have an obligation to hear them out and be sure they are cared for while they wait to discover whether they can be a part of the American Dream you and I have realized or whether they need to return.

Our Social Justice and Action Committee is doing just that. Or Chadash volunteers have already supplied a local shelter for migrants with hundreds of pounds of much-needed clothing, food, water, Spanish children’s books, and toys. One of our members has already been volunteering at Casa Alitas, this local shelter, and more have volunteered. This shelter is working with the Federal government to ensure that these families are cared for and are provided with bus tickets to reach relatives in other parts of the country. Since January, Casa Alitas has cared for over three hundred families and close to seven hundred individuals. If you want to also assist in this important humanitarian effort, please contact me.