Our portion begins, “Vayikach Korach,” not to be read “Korach took”; rather, “Korach divided.” He divided the people. He did not bring them together. He saw only himself, and he saw only separation. His honorable claim that all are holy – the sense of togetherness and connection to God – was expressed in a violent separation. This claim is only true if it is bestowed upon a man of Heaven. Korach, on the other hand, was only taking for himself.

The truth that all are holy is found in both the performance of a mitzvah and the spiritual intent. If we see someone err in the mitzvah, we still must ask if they also erred in the spiritual intent.

The performance and the spiritual intent is the dwelling place of God. We will make mistakes. God and this community must understand that we are imperfect beings in an imperfect world. That being so, our sacred writings and our teachers are here to help reconnect our spirit to our actions. Korach had the correct intent. He just went about it the wrong way.