We are proud to introduce the ‘OC 25’ Initiatve. The purpose of this initiative is to bring congregation and community leaders and stakeholders together to evaluate the state of our congregation and its future in a forum and process that is thoughtul, introspective, comprehensive, focused, and honest.
Despite the broader challenges facing the American Jewish community, our congregation continues to grow. As we build toward our congregation’s 25th anniversary in 2020, as a warm and welcoming community, where all can experience God, the time is ripe to ask the queston: what does the future hold for our Kehillah (religious community)?
Over the next nine months, ‘OC25’ will engage in a strategic planning process. ‘OC25’ will explore: governance, financial performance and fundraising, as well as property use, systems and the spiritual nature of our synagogue. No topic, however, will be off limits. All voices and perspectives will be respected.
We know you will have plenty of questions, and we hope to answer them as the process takes shape. Look for announcements on community forums and other opportunities to partcipate in the coming months. For now, if you have any thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email them to OC25@octucson.org.
At the conclusion of the initative’s work, ‘OC 25’ will produce a strategic plan to bring to the congregation’s Board of Directors and our membership, for approval and buy-in. While we cannot promise much at this time, we can guarantee this much: our end result will not look like this…


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