When tragedy strikes, it strikes the community first and then the nation. The tragedy that unfolded early Sunday morning in the Pulse Nightclub in downtown Orlando has rocked the families and friends who have lost loved ones as well as those 53 injured in the worst mass shooting in American history. 

The religious community of Or Chadash stands in solidarity and united in denouncing violence. The Jewish community is still affected by the brutal terrorist attack at Sarona in Tel Aviv earlier this week by Palestinian terrorists.

In Response to the Orlando Shooting

We pray for those who were murdered. May your souls be raised up to be embraced by God. We pray for healing of body and soul for the injured, and for comfort to others who were present in Pulse nightclub as well as to family and friends who lost loved ones or those who are caring for those who were injured.

From our faith, no lesson is more fundamental than our belief that God desires for us to love and have compassion for every human being be they gay or straight, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or atheist.  This tragedy will not destroy us. This tragedy will not define us. We will not live a life in fear of the next tragedy. We will resolve to be strengthened in the values of our faith as we reject violence and celebrate life with joy. We at Congregation Or Chadash stand in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters in the fight against hatred and bigotry wherever and in whatever manner it occurs.