“Let me go over, I pray, and see the good land…” (Deut 3:25). 

Moses is asking God to let him go into the Promised Land. Is it not obvious that if he will go over into the land, he will be able to see it? 

But a man must pray at all times that God may cause him to see the good in everything. Therefore Moses prayed: “Let me go over…and see the good land…cause me to see only the good side of the Promised Land.”

What an important message for us. When we are about to do something for the first time, when we are confronted with something that will take us out of our comfort zone, we tend to be critical first!

Let us take a lesson from this teaching to first find the good in a presentation, an opportunity, and an uncomfortable situation.


1. When an employee, a student, a child has presented you with a completed work, why is the first reaction to find something wrong with it?

2. What would happen if you said, “This has so many elements that work and satisfy the requirements…. Would you like some feedback? Have you thought about how changing this element of the project might….?