Open letter to our AZ State Legislators:

Dear Sirs and Madams:

SB1062 and HB2153 are an affront to human decency. These bills have been passed by individuals who lack any understanding of the important tenants of religion and of the Bible itself. It seems obvious to me that you, our legislators can not distinguish between what religion professes and discrimination based on an errant view of religion. You are more than welcome to attend religion 101 classes given by me and a few of my Christian and Muslim colleagues.

I have to wonder with whom our esteemed Senators and Representatives consulted before the ventured to pass law that treads on my area of expertise? If you are going to delve into the area of religious freedom, I would expect you to consult clergy and not certain laity who have a corrupted view.

I volunteer to come to Phoenix with some of my fellow Tucson clergy to help you do this. Call me anytime. In the meantime I urge our esteemed Governor to veto this.

Thomas A. Louchheim
Congregation Or Chadash

February 24, 2014