This year, the students in seventh grade will be combined with the sixth grade on Sundays. Together, they will continue learning about Jewish history and be introduced to the roots of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. The role of prejudice and discrimination in the Nazis’ rise to power will be covered, as well as the resistance movement and life in the ghettoes and concentration camps. Next, they will study Israel as the Jewish State. Topics to cover about Israel will be: the variety of cultures, the military, technology and other achievements in the last 70 years.

The Hebrew curriculum continues with advanced prayer reading, cantillation, and vocabulary. Students will explore the weekly Torah portions. They will study their own Torah and Haftarah portions for meaning and relevance in their own lives as well as becoming familiar with the holiday parashah readings throughout the Jewish year. They will analyze these texts for plot, meaning, and significance in their lives. Students will use Torah and Mitzvot in learning to accept the responsibility of becoming a Jewish adult and dealing with decision-making in today’s world as they prepare to become Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

The seventh grade students will participate in the Post B’nei Mitzvah class in the second semester.

In addition to prayer review, we built in time for discussions on what it means to be a Jewish adult. It is so important that our students understand that their education does continue after their celebration of becoming B’nei Mitzvah. This section of the course is an important continuation of the Thursday class. In it, the students will learn to participate in the life of the synagogue and Jewish community as an adult.