This class combines the students of third and fourth grade. Four main units will be taught while integrating all aspects of the curriculum within each of the units.

Unit 1: Jewish Holidays, calendar and values. The celebration of Jewish holidays through more mature eyes will take place in the order that the holidays occur. The calendar will be taught in greater detail: Jewish months, lunar vs. solar year, leap year, and the difference between the secular and Jewish calendars. Jewish values will be matched to each of the holidays.

Unit 2: Bible Stories — background of the book of Exodus, spotlight on our patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel, as well as Joseph, Moses, the concept of slavery, and the Giving of Torah are all part of the material that will be covered during the year.

Unit 3: Partners with God — The purpose of prayer, connection with God, and practice for a Shabbat service that will be led by the third and fourth grade in the spring.

Unit 4: Israel — A connection to the land of Israel will continue to shape up as the students learn about the language, history, geography, and culture throughout the year.

The third grade marks a more comprehensive approach to the Hebrew language. Students will learn all the letters and vowels in block style, as they appear in our prayer books. They will also acquire the necessary skills to phonetically read the Hebrew language accurately and with fluency. The entire Friday night and Havdalah services will be taught during the weekly T’filah services, and the Four Questions will be reviewed around Passover.

By fourth grade, our students will begin to read the following prayers: Bar’chuSh’maV’ahavta. They will become proficient in reading fluency, blessing recitation, and Hebrew prayer vocabulary. They will be introduced to the Chatzi Kaddish (Readers’ Kaddish) and will review all holiday blessings. Learning the Hebrew language will include games, projects, and other hands-on activities to balance the practice drills and the idea that learning can be engaging and fun.