This class combines students in First and Second Grade. The theme focuses on developing Jewish identity. Through creative play, music, movement, and the arts, students will explore the Jewish year, Shabbat, and Holidays. Exploring the synagogue, the roles of the Rabbi and Cantor in it, its symbols, what can be found in it, and visiting a couple of close by synagogues will be an ongoing part of the year. Activities such as cooking, card making, reading books, and using technology in the classroom will aid in making connections with the students in this age group with the State of Israel.

Torah stories, such as Creation, the Garden of Eden, and Noah’s Ark are read in the first part of the year. Bible heroes from Genesis and Exodus are explored in the second half of the year.

Jewish holidays throughout the year will continue to be celebrated in the order they occur.

The Hebrew curriculum for this combination class includes basic knowledge of the Hebrew Aleph Bet through developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities and music.

The following blessings will be introduced: HamotziKiddush, Shabbat and Holiday candle blessings, Sh’maShehecheyanu, and the Passover Four Questions.