This program is designed for preschool  kindergarten children ages 3-5 years old. The group meets every Sunday for Jewish learning, storytelling, music, crafts, and more.

The lessons for this class are based on the book What’s Jewish about Butterflies? by Maxine Segal Handelman, with co-author Deborah L. Schein. Each class begins with a short discussion about Parashat Hashavuah (the weekly Torah Portion) and how it is related to everyday life. Weekly visits by the Rabbi, Cantor, and specialist staff will continue.

Basic introduction to the Hebrew Aleph Bet takes place throughout the year, with focus on Jewish holidays and the students’ Hebrew names. The Sh’ma and V’ahavta prayers are recited, as well as the Shabbat b’rachot (blessings) over the candles, wine, and bread. Since Shabbat is a weekly celebration, the students in the Little Pishers group will explore how Shabbat is being observed around the world. The Shabbat Box, by Leslie Simpson, is another favorite book. After reading it, each student will create a Shabbat Box of their own with the symbols that go with it.

Electives such as music, Judaics, and cooking are woven into the curriculum and are based on the order of the holidays and other Jewish values throughout the year. The students will have a chance to create new and familiar Jewish foods while singing and learning about holidays and traditions.