Newly formed in 2018, the Governance Committee will bring together the right people to create best policies and to evaluate the work of the Board of Directors to insure the Board is living up to its potential and gain confidence and respect of the Or Chadash community. We will utilize best practices in board governance.

We will initially address three action items in the following three sub-committees:

Mission, Vision, and Values Statements: These three statements set our path in all Board deliberations and decisions and need to be concise and reflect the ideals of Congregation Or Chadash. A small sub-committee will convene to review current statements, research other organizations’ statements, and draft recommendations for Board consideration.

Draft a Policy for Nominations to the Board: Working with the Nominating Committee, we will review current procedures for recruiting and nominating new Board members and draft a vigorous policy for Board consideration.

Review Current Bylaws: Our bylaws were reviewed and changes were made in 2016. However, best practices and forward-thinking updating may be in order, including but not limited to: emerging technology issues as it relates to voting and communication policies, and the Board Nomination procedures. A small sub-committee will convene to draft whatever recommendations for changes it will want to present at the Annual Meeting.

Additionally, we will review and/or write new policies that govern the work of the Board; including, but not limited to conflict of interest, confidentiality, communication policies, and fiduciary procedures, etc.

Develop and implement a Board self-assessment with plans for follow-up and putting necessary changes in place.

We welcome any congregational member who has a passion for good governance and an effective board that serves the congregation with integrity and respect. The sub-committees will each decide how and when to meet in order to complete its specific task in the determined time frame.