We are Mitzvah Workers. Sometimes we are visible helping hands and hearts, sometimes behind the scenes. Although always helping others, we are impacting our own spiritual sensitivity and growth.

We provide moral support, food, and transportation for those experiencing life cycle transitions. We visit hospitals and nursing homes. We also provide and help to coordinate and serve the meal of condolence. In instances where long-term care is required, we connect with Interfaith Community Services (ICS) to provide services beyond our membership capabilities or expertise. We offer retreats and awareness opportunities to the congregation.

Membership on this committee is open to anyone who can commit to helping 3 times a year, at their convenience. Your name is entered into our database. When we get a name and need from staff, you receive an email that you can respond to if the timing is right for you. We request you participate in a minimum of 3 activities in a year to maintain your committee membership. At any time an event doesn’t fit in your schedule, we ask you consider making a donation to the Caring Chavurah so those active can continue to offer services to the congregation.

Our annual meeting is a luncheon in the Or Chadash sukkah. We try to meet socially twice a year for a potluck with the rabbi to discuss how we can improve our in-reach and get to know more about each other.

Some of the activities planned for the 2018-2019 year:

  • Contribute to and serve Meals of Condolence
  • Send letters to all congregants and their families for life cycle events
  • Keep the Mi Shebeirach list current by follow up calls to congregants
  • Provide assistance with home/institutional bound congregants
  • Working on an online life cycle manual for the congregation
  • Create committee event for team building
  • Decorate the Community Sukkah in collaboration with the Ritual Committee
  • Annual Thank You luncheon in the Sukkah
  • Investigate “Temple Players” (a community with dedicated actors and musicians)

There are no dues required to join this committee. However, members of the committee are not reimbursed for the cost, preparation, or transportation of meals you provide. We ask you to contribute financially to the Caring Chavurah Committee Fund if you find you cannot keep your commitment to the committee throughout the year (Sukkot to Sukkot). This allows us to continue providing emergency services.